In-House Technology

We strive to develop and deploy our own technology so that we can continue to provide the best value to our clients

Smart 3D Plant Design

Synergy has developed a proprietary custom platform that bolts onto any 3D plant design software package (such as PDMS, SmartPlant, etc) and automates 2D drawing production across all disciplines.

In addition to standard drawings such as facility layouts, piping isometrics and cable tray / ladder layouts, the platform can also generate more abstract drawings such as junction box location plans, fire and gas layouts, hazardous area classification drawings and primary access route layouts.

The Synergy platform can also generate MTOs, weld reports and bolting reports, and includes fast automatic clash detection and status control reporting.

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Flow Assurance Test Loop

As part of a Joint Industry Partnership (JIP) program, Synergy is collaborating with Universiti Teknologi PETRONAS (UTP) to sponsor students to perform corrosion studies in multiphase fluids system. This also allows access to UTP's flow loop test rig which can be used for studying multiphase flow in pipeline transportation systems.

Presently, flow assurance simulation software are based on correlative data collected from field measurements and laboratory experiments. However, the range of process conditions is restricted to the limits of this data set and extrapolation beyond this data can potentially invalidate the simulation results.

As a leading specialist consultancy in flow assurance, we are encountering increasingly complex and unique conditions that are beyond the conventional data set available in current software. This JIP program allows us to verify and fine tune the predictive results from the simulation software.

Process Engineering Automation

The Synergy process engingeering automation platform is a proprietary web-based application that can generate day-to-day process calculations such as the sizing of lines, separators, pumps, PSVs, slug catchers, etc. The application has a facility to automatically import data from HYSYS, thus improving efficiency and eliminating transcription errors.

The platform is currently being trialled on a pilot project.

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