Operations Support

We provide engineering expertise to ensure operation readiness and smooth operation at our clients' facilities

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    Operator training simulators

    Developing simulated process control systems to represent actual plant behaviour for operator training purposes

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    Operational troubleshooting and site investigation

    Using investigative techniques and sequences of events analysis in order to determine the root cause(s) of incidents

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    Site as-building

    Surveying operating facilities using metrological techniques such as laser scanning in order to maintain the most up-to-date plant representation for asset management

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    Instrumentation and controls optimisation

    Control system lifecycle design and optimisation, e.g. alarm rationalisation, controller tuning, etc.

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    Construction and commissioning support

    Supporting the EPC contractor to interpret and implement engineering designs

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    Facility life extension

    Evaluating the condition of an existing end-of-life facility and implementing rejuvenation measures in order to extend its design life

Featured Projects


Development of an Operator Training Simulator (OTS) for a hydrocracker unit in an operational refinery

Alarm Rationalisation

Evaluation of existing (or potential) alarms against the criteria set forth in the alarm philosophy


Blanket multi-disciplinary engineering services for an operating LNG plant


Root cause analysis of a critical event on an offshore facility leading to hydrocarbon release

Laser Scanning

Laser scan and 3D as-building of three offshore platforms and one onshore facility


Life extension studies for an FPSO approaching end of design life

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