Safety & Risk

We work with our clients to ensure that all conceivable safety aspects have been considered and implemented in design and operations

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    Fire and explosion risk analysis and modelling

    2D and 3D consequence modelling and probabilistic analysis to quantify the extents of damage and risk from major accidental events (MAE)

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    Quantitative risk analysis

    Quantifying the risks to personnel (individual risk and probable loss of life) and implementation of ALARP concept

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    Safety workshops

    Facilitating critical safety workshops such as HAZID, HAZOP, SAFOP, Bowtie and SIL workshops

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    SIL verification and systems design

    Implementing SIL requirements from engineering design through to installation and certification

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    Fire and gas detection modelling

    3D computer visualisation and optimisation of fire and gas detectors to provide maximum coverage

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    Computational escape evacuation and rescue analysis

    Simulating escape and evacuation response during emergency events using multi-agent based human behavioural algorithms

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    Safety critical elements and performance standards

    Determining functionality, availability, reliability, survivability and interdependence (FARSI) of safety critical elements to ensure operational performance

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    Safety philosophies and safety cases

    High-level overview of all safety related studies and their integration with management systems and operational procedures

Featured Projects

Acrylic Complex

A gas detection study to detect the presence of any gas leakage on the existing gas detection system in the Acrylic Complex.

Flammable/Toxic Gas Dispersion Study

Determine the gas cloud size and subsequently reduce the risk of explosion due to flammable gas or toxic gas.

Review and Upgrade of Firewater System

Upgrade the existing firewater system of an oleochemical plant.

Safety Worskhops

HAZID, HAZOP, SAFOP, Bowtie and SIL workshops


Study to develop the safety critical performance standard (SCPS) for the Peluang field

F&G Mapping

Review of fire and gas detection systems on Poleng Processing Platform including fire and gas mapping


Analysis of escape evacuation and rescue on an offshore platform using multi-agent based simulations


Quantitative risk assessment (QRA) for an FPSO offshore Nigeria

Hot plume study

Assessment of hot plumes and toxic gases from the exhausts of gas and diesel engine onboard a WHP

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